The following was composed for a discussion on the City of Heroes official forum. I didn’t post as I realised it wasn’t really on topic for the thread but I wanted to put it somewhere as it deals with a subject I’ve been meaning to write about for some time.

I don’t consider myself a roleplayer. I play these types of games for the mechanics and fun, and the socialisation with other players. I tend not to immerse myself in my characters.

Sometimes I do roleplay a little bit. In SWG people would ask "Where are you from?" and I would reply "Mos Espa," and though I was a badge collector I refused to switch factions to go for Rebel badges. In COH my rad Controller celebrates a level up by announcing that the radiation has made him stronger, and if you read his bio you will find there is an actual explanation why Ruffles dresses as a 17th century swashbuckler with cybernetic arms.

This is the roleplaying equivalent of Not Rocket Science and I don’t claim otherwise.

There is one toon, however, who is in character 100% of the time. Local chat, team chat, supergroup chat, private tell; doesn’t matter. Fuzzy Purple Monster talks in monster speak to friend and stranger. And absolutely no ((OOC)). If I can’t figure out a way for the monster to phrase something, he doesn’t say it.

Roleplaying may not really be my thing but if you’re going to do it then do it properly. If you’re smart enough to derive pleasure from putting yourself in someone else’s shoes then you’re probably smart enough to do it without a ((crutch)).

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