It looks like I’ve given up on Vanguard.

I’ve been busy recently and haven’t had much chance to play games at all until this weekend. I fired up Vanguard, wandered around for a bit and then logged out. I doubt I’ll return.

There comes a point in every game’s life where you decide you just don’t want to play any longer. I’m not still playing Sensible World of Soccer … or SWAT3 … or OFP … or SWG. How long it takes for a game to reach the end will always vary. The end for Vanguard came pretty soon but it lasted longer than WOW or Ryzom, for instance.

There’s been a lot written about Vanguard recently, mostly bad. I suppose I didn’t play it enough to hate it as much as some people seem to. It was All Right. Just not Star Wars Galaxies.

Raph’s hiring more people, I hear.

There is still hope.

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