SoG inheritance

Pioneers will carry over a percentage of their money, any Barony title they may have had and – if the rumours are to be believed – their combat level into Dark and Light. They can also place steles in the Settlers of Ganareth world with a personalised message. These steles will continue to exist in DnL and can be read by anyone passing by.

Despite being a day-one player of SoG I never reached a high enough level to own a Barony. Grinding is not high on my priority list and I started playing City of Heroes before SoG became stable enough to devote proper time and attention to. I won’t have a Barony title in DnL and I will start with at most 100,000 goth at level 12. Hardly the earth-shatteringly unfair advantage non-Pioneer players have complained about on the official forum.

I did place my stele, though. I can’t remember where, but I placed it. It has a very nice quote from one of my oldest and best SWG friends. Stumbling across it again, if I ever do, will be a pleasant surprise.

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