Character class

The official Dark and Light site has an expanded guide to the various character classes available in the game.

My initial plan was to follow the Ranger path, as I did in Settlers of Ganareth. I enjoyed scouting and creature tracking and taming in Star Wars Galaxies and exploration holds a strong appeal, so Ranger is an obvious choice. Better still they will be able to fight efficiently with my beloved one-handed swords.

After reading the class guide, however, I am starting to see the appeal of the Paladin archetype. Their focus on defence, winning the fight through attrition and finesse with the one-handed blade, sounds very true to the spirit of the Fencer I used to enjoy so much in SWG.

I’ll probably still end up with Ranger. It’s a shame you won’t be able to revise your class later. I realise that this is true in almost every MMORPG out there but SWG was my first and I’ve yet to find anything to match its profession-based advancement.

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