The Hollows revisited

After months of thinking it would be a good idea but never getting round to it, I rolled a Trick Arrow Defender. The best thing about Issue 8′s introduction of mission terminals – I mean Police Scanner missions – and Safeguard travel powers to Hero-side has been the alternate progression path for new characters. No longer does one have to go to the Hollows and endure the hassles of missions spread throughout a huge zone with no travel powers, large spawns round every corner and teams of the most incompetent players in the game. Feeling nostalgic, I decided to make Agent Cort the first of my characters in quite some time to visit Eastgate.

I entered from Atlas and was soon contacted by a player asking if I was looking for a team. Thinks: No I just like the "looking for team" symbol by my name. I accepted his invite and began the mile-long Raptor Pack flight to the opposite corner of the zone. Once inside the mission I got to know my teammates, most notable of which were a Blaster called OWNAR and a Fire Tanker with a fondness for bizarre binds such as "You can’t run from yourself – $target" and "You can either be the hammer or the anvil, $target." Strangest of all, and the Tanker’s favourite, was "I’m taking Fire Tanks back!" Agent Cort: And asking for a refund?

Our team moved into a large room with three spawns of mobs. The verbose Tanker jumped into the nearest group and the rest of the team followed suit. Except for OWNAR, who activated Stealth and headed towards a glowy at the back of the room. The group standing guard were too far away for a Flash Arrow and besides I wanted to laugh when the Blaster grabbed the glowy and dropped Stealth. A few seconds later the inevitable happened and OWNAR was OWNAD by the nearby Trolls. Not that this upset him. "I got the clue," he announced. Agent Cort: Really?

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