I’m less excited about Diplomacy than I was yesterday.

I have a quest to parley with guards. Out of all the guards in the city only ONE is of low enough rank that I can actually talk to him. Actually this is a benefit of today’s patch; yesterday I would have been allowed to attempt to negotiate with a high ranking opponent and be easily beaten – at a cost of Prestige. But I digress.

So I can parley with one guard. And he has an unbeatable hand. Two cards which each move the Indicator two points in his favour without any cost. A card which gives him two points of Flattery. A card which moves the Indicator five points at a cost of three Flattery. I don’t even know what his fifth card is because he has no need to play it. I simply cannot compete with four free points on low timers. The best I can do is throw Rebuttals at him and use Snippet of Wisdom to delay the inevitable.

I have another quest to talk to a nobleman. The nobleman won’t talk to me because I don’t have enough Noble presence. How do I get that? I’unno. Diplomacy clothes I suppose. How do I get those? I’unno.

I have a third quest to talk to a guy who requires Academic presence. See a pattern emerging?

On the plus side I did do a quest to get a horse. However as I don’t have level 10 in combat I can’t keep the horse. Great.

I’m getting a bit fed up of it.

PS I’m at level 4 in combat.

PPS I should have mentioned yesterday that parley is how it’s written in the game.

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